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Small Business


Risk & Insurance Management, Business Continuity Consultant

Are you concerned about the effects of disruptions and disasters to your organization? Are you worried that that when your business is down you will lose customers, money and time? Are you bothered about how you would manage your company should the worst happen? Have you looked at websites, books and methods that seem too difficult to find the time or resources to implement or even understand? Do you think your business is too small for anyone other than you to worry about?

I can help you!

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Services Provided

I provide organizations and corporations with consulting services addressing their needs for:

About me

I have provided these services to all sizes of organizations from small business to large multinationals for over 20 years.

I hold a masters degree in Disaster and Emergency Management from Royal Roads University, a fellowship in the Insurance Institute of Canada, a Certificate in Risk Management and am a DRI Certified Business Continuity Planner.

I am a member of the Disaster Recovery Information Exchange (DRIE Toronto), Disaster Recovery Institute (DRI Canada), the Ontario Risk and Insurance Management Society (ORIMS) and the Insurance Institute of Canada and am on the board of directors of CHRNet (Canadian Risk and Hazards Network).

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